The Closet Editors can help you with any of the below, plus anything else you can dream up! If we don't already know it (and we probably do), we'll find it for you.

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Services include:

Tutorials in how to shop your own closet:
Ever wonder what lies in your own closet? We can help you figure out what to keep and toss, how to organize your wardrobe for maximum dressing efficiency, what basics you need, and creating a wish list. 

Navigating seasonal trends:
Trends are hard - there are just too many! Let us help you narrow down the ones that best fit you and your lifestyle.

Determining body type and how to dress for it:
If you're curious about all those magazine articles about how to dress for your body type, we can bring it to life - and work with what you already own. 

Cultivating a personal style:
Fancy yourself an Audrey, a Grace, or maybe a Marilyn? Or maybe it's Patricia Field or Betsey Johnson? We will work with you to figure out your personal style and help you streamline your looks. 

Closet clean out and organization:
Someone's got to do the dirty work and it's us - and we love it. We'll help you rearrange your closet, find storage options, and give you tips to keeping it all clean. 

Image consultation:
If you have a party, event, work conference, or important lunch to attend and aren't sure what to wear, we can make suggestions for the occurrences in your every day life. 

Runway to real way:
Keeping up with trends is hard, but interpreting them is even harder. Let us help you understand runway and how you can make it work for you. 

Personal look book:
We are super excited about this service! Just like a real photo shoot at a magazine, we'll take snapshots of your best looks so you will never forget what goes with what. 

Personal shopping: 
We're more than happy to go off site to any of our favorite shops, from Bergdorf Goodman and Barney's to H&M and Zara. (Yes! We'll shop H&M for you!)

A crash course in tailoring:
A tailor is your best friend, and we can help you with the introductions. We can tell you where to hem that skirt, skim that blazer, or pin that shirt so that you look polished.

Insider information:
We know where to take your Jimmy Choos when they need repairing, your furs when they need cleaning, how to neutralize your smoky jeans from a night out at the bar, and many, many more tips and tricks that fashion editors in New York love.